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EPC1-D - Analog preamplifier


  • Measurements of very weak signals, e.g. very low temperatures
  • Precision measurements with very high sensitivity
  • Measurement of signals from devices with high internal impedance, such as piezoelectric sensors or capacitive sensors Temperature, deformation, pressure, force, acceleration, displacement...


The EPC1-D preamplifier is characterized primarily by its low noise level, high input impedance and gain accuracy. An original bias circuit allows to obtain a very low cut-off frequency while maintaining good performance in noise level.


Very low input noise: e.g. 2nV/√Hz at 1 Hz, 0.7 nV/√Hz at 10KHz• High impedance direct coupling or AC voltage coupling • Gain up to 10000 • High bandwidth : Fc <0.05 Hz to 130 KHz • Excellent common mode rejection
Gain 102
Manual switching or TTL signal (2 lines) setting
Precision± 0,45 % (low frequency from 1 to 10Hz)
Temperature coefficient ± 9,5 ppm/° max
Low cut-off frequency< 0,05 Hz
High cut-off frequency – 6 dB130/75/13 kHz depending on the 102 103 104 gain
TypeDifferential HI (High impedance) DC coupling or AC HPF (High-Pass filter) coupling
Notein High Impedance mode, the inputs are floating, protected by low-leakage diodes ( < 1nA) assembled head to tail. Reference to ground should therefore be ensured.
Input impedance
HI coupling > 300 MΩ parallel to 100 pF.
AC coupling : HPF 10 MΩ parallel to 100 pF.
More technical features in the datasheet