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Crack Growth Monitor 3 Channels – 20A (New generation)


  • For homogeneous and electrically conductive materials
  • Measuring the length of through cracks progressing in thin metal sheets
  • Determination of the shape of the crack front inside thick specimens (three dimensional extension of use possible in a number of cases)


The device essentially performs three functions:
- Power supply to the specimen,

- Triggering the measurement,

- Amplification and measurement of the voltage measured on the specimen (X 3 channels)


Current intensity of the specimen currentAdjustable from 0 to 20A
Pulse widthsAdjustable from 0 to 200 ms
Pulse frequencyAdjustable from 0 to 150 Hz (for a 4 ms pulse)
Execution modeInternal pulse, Sector pulse, External pulse
External signal input+/- 10V
Gainfrom 0 to 20000
Tripping threshold0/10V
Delay times0 to 200 ms, for mains or external pulse
Current stability10-3
Measurement voltage0 to ± 10V
Measuring channels3, 1 of which takes as input the other two (A-B) and (A/B)
Output current5mA
Voice response time measurement0.2 to 1s
Variable gainBy multiplying button 0 to 20000
Power supply voltage220V ± 10% 50Hz
DimensionsEURONORM 3U - 81 TE box


445.5 mm


132.5 mm


430 mm
Male plug 4 contactsRapid JAEGER 530 754, test specimen
Sockret 3 contacts JAEGER miniature 530 232, channels
Cable clampJAEGER 530 331