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E325 - Universal amplifier conditioner converter of signals


  • Acquires very low signals in disturbed areas needing galvanic isolated amplifiers.
  • All types of measuring with universal acquisition card: temperature, distortion, pressure, force, acceleration, displacement…


E325 is a very flexible programmable amplifier and easy to adapt for the user, whether material or software wise. E325 acquires all types of sensors. All functions are within the card, without any mechanical setting up : the user has direct access through connectors at the rear. Programming and tunning software (included for Windows) treats all configurations. VISA driver is also available.


Main features
  • Battery saving of RAM configuration setting
  • Automatic calibration of the channels
  • Modular organization for each channel
  • 16 channels for a 19”3U rack
  • IEEE-488 bus and serial link RS-232 programmable
  • The following functions are available within each card, without any mechanical tunning:
  • Filtered and non-filtered output
  • High pass/ low cut filter
  • Temperature masuring: platinium sensor, thermocouple
  • Bridge mounting complements: ¼, ½, 60W, 120W, 350W, 1000W
  • Sensor power supply in voltage or current (for strain gauge, piezoresistant sensor, potentiometer…)
  • Amplifier for high/ low signal level (gain from 0.1 to 20,000)
  • Input / output galvanic isolation ±500V, with excellent common mode rejection

Input resistance100Ω
Input capacity 500pF
Input/ output isolation
Rd=0ΩDC 160dB G=1000
Rd=0Ω 50Hz 140dB G=1000
Rd=1Ω DC 140dB G=1000
Rd=1Ω 50Hz 120dB
Input voltage±500V
Input current±10V linear rev
±15V without damage
±100V linear rev Att. 1/10
5µV RTI 90KHz bandwidth±1nA
Accuracy0.1 to 2000
Extrapolation0.02%, gain 1-2-5…1000
Non linearityNot continuously variable from 0.1 to 2000
Stability0.01% of full scale
Zero0.0025% of full scale
Thermal drift
Zero adjustment0.1µV/°C RTI
75µV/°C RTO
3 automatic ranges
Stability±20mV (0.2µV not available)
±0.2V (1µV not available)
±10V (10µV not available)
Filters 0.005% of full scale
Low cut
OrderBessel, Tchebytcheff, elliptic
Optional 4th order
Increment6th order, 8th order
High pass10Hz until 2550Hz
400Hz from 2.8KHz to 100KHz
Optional Bessel, Tchebytcheff, elliptic
Increment4th order
Output6th order, 8th order
Type 1Hz until 63Hz
50Hz from 100Hz to 3150Hz
Output voltage Filtered and non-filtered
Output current 250KHz (±50V isolation)
Sensor supply (OPPJ option)
Voltage mode±5mA
Stability100mV for 15V by 0.25mV steps
Max. current ±0.02% of full scale
Current mode ±0.001% with constant temperature over 200 hours
Range100mV for 5V 90mA
5V for 10V 50mA
10mV for 15V 30mA
Stability100µA for 25mA by 0. 5µA steps
Bridge configuration±0.02% of full scale
Complement value
Bridge reset ½, ¼, full bridge by software
Calibration 60Ω, 120Ω, 325Ω, 1KΩ
Platinum sensor 100Ω (with OPPJ option)
Range±2048 step, values from 10kΩ to 200MΩ
High temperature
Low temperature from -200°C to +800°C
SlopeProgrammable from -200°C to +800°C
AccuracyProgrammable from -200°C to +800°C
Linearization10mV/°C for 200V/°C max
Thermocouples0.05% of full scale
J-type by software (on-off)
T-type from -200°C to +750°C
High temperaturefrom -250°C to +1200°C
Low temperature from -250°C to +400°C
SlopeProgrammable from -200°C to +800°C
AccuracyProgrammable from -200°C to +800°C
Linearization10mV/°C for 200V/°C max
Cold junction compensation 0.05% of full scale
Mechanical featuresTable stored in EPROM
Dimensions By platinum sensor with connector or voltage signal with 100mV/°C slope
Connector use
Environment PCB 425mm x 111.8mm
Use temperature16 x subD 9pts : input
2 x subD 37pts : output
Storage temperature
0°C to +60°C
-25°C to +85°C