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Civil engineering

CEMESSA - Datalogger 128 channels with integrated measuring packaging

CEMESSA is a smart 128-channel measuring central unit, with a built-in sensor conditioning system, meeting the constraints of static testing of large aerospace structures in which are located thousands of measuring channels.
This central unit integrates a ratiometric process that makes measures insensitive to lengths of sensor wires. It also has hardware tags, thus allowing the transmission of measures, along with the type and the related conditioner card number, and preventing any risk of ...

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Crack tracker

Cracking condition of structures is an essential characteristic used in fracture mechanics and it has to be determined during tests.
The 'CRACK TRACKER' instrument has been specially designed for that purpose. It applies a non-destructive electrical method, related to the so-called potential method that relates the length of a crack to the potential difference V existing between two significant points placed on both sides of the crack, a current I following the specimen....

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